How Not To Use Twitter

Why you shouldn’t post personal stuff on the internet, example #439567182.

  1. After a nice victory on Saturday where you get the save, go out to celebrate a little.
  2. Have a bit of trouble with some folks at the bar, but it’s no big deal, you resolve it.
  3. Twitter about it after you get back to your hotel room late.
  4. Wake up for day game the next day. Blow the save that would have given the Giants a sweep of the D-backs, and a winning record. Make your manager empty out the bullpen in what eventually becomes a come-from-ahead loss in extra innings.
  5. Deny that you were out late the night before. Delete all of your Twitter posts. Add a disclaimer that all your posts are “made-up stories that reflect my sense of humor”
  6. When asked about it, deny everything.
  7. Come in the next game against the archrival Dodgers, strike out the side to get the save.
  8. Show some semblance of remorse (without admitting anything) in the post-game interview.

Do I think Brian Wilson was partying on Saturday night? Probably.

Was he covering things up? He pretty much had no choice but to do what damage control he did.

Should I care what baseball players do on their spare time?  It matters if it affects your performance the next day.

Did he redeem himself on Monday? Heck yeah.

As Mike Krukow mentioned during the telecast, closers can’t apologize for messing up- they just have to go out the next day, get back on the horse again, and do their job. Hopefully this was chalked up to the indiscretion of youth and a lesson learned.

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This post was written by Hank on April 28, 2009


Giants on Twitter

The hardy few who read this blog may be aware of the @giantsquotes Twitter featured here- basically whenever I hear something cool from Kruk and Kuip on the radio or TV, I enter the quote there. I think the witticisms of Kruk and Kuip are well worth recording, and Twitter seemed a convenient way to do that.

Kind of like how MySpace has become a place for bands, Twitter has now become the thing to do for individual celebrities. Among the Giants who are using Twitter are Brian Wilson (@BrianWilson38) and Barry Zito (@BarryZito).

Barry Zito’s has some interesting quotes that show his reputation as a man of many layers:

“I’m not portrayed in moneyball, but if I had a choice I’d have Christian Bale play me. haha”

“Seriously guys, is anything ever going to be cooler than Voltron?”

“Just sang [Eric] byrnes a ballad and he got emotional, now he’s scowling at me for tweating this”

Sleeping next to a fish tank reminds me of being a kid, except as an adult salt water fish are more doable, thus seahorses.. ahhhh”

Brian Wilson’s tweets show an interest in UFC, Rock Band (the video game), and foods he likes to eat. I also get the impression that he listened to a lot of House of Pain when he was younger, and probably owned a Celtics Starter jacket. Here are a few of his more memorable quotes:

Nothing beats dogpiling on the baseball mound-other sports have too many weird man hugs that turn into awkward spurts of close talking”

On the secret to his fastball:

“For those about to rock(we salute you)”-i call no man out, i simply say Rockband is the recipe for throwing smoke-end of story

He calls Barry Zito “Baron Von Zitenhowsen”. Wonder if that’s an inside joke of some kid.

Interestingly enough, the two teammates don’t follow each other.

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This post was written by Hank on April 23, 2009

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