Giants Marketing Slogans

1971: The Year of the Fox

1981: These Giants Came to Play

1982-1983?: Take a Giant Step and Go

1984: C’mon Giants, Hang In There

1985: Real Grass, Real Sunshine, Real Baseball

1986: You Gotta Like These Kids

1987: Humm Baby, It’s Gonna Be Fun

1988: Humm Baby, Let’s Do It Again

1989: I Feel Good!

1990: I’ve Got a Giant Attitude

1997: Giants Baseball, Anything Can Happen
(unofficially: “Team of Dustiny”)

1999: Tell It Good-Bye

2003: Bring It Home

2004: The Place To Be

2006-2007: YOUR San Francisco Giants (emphasis added)

2008: All Out, All Season

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This post was written by Hank on August 8, 2008

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