The Big Unit

So the GIants have signed Randy Johnson to a one-year contract, for $8 million, with incentives that can bring it up to $13 million. Now he can actually wear a Giants cap not in error (a reference to the Giants-Snakes brawl where he put on a Giants cap by accident)

In comparison, Jamie Moyer, who is the only major leaguer older than Johnson, just signed an extension for $13 million over 2 years with incentives that can bump it up to $20 million.

Johnson gives the Giants not just three lefties in their rotation, but also three Cy Young winners (Lincecum 2008, Zito 2002 AL, Johnson 1995 AL, 1999-2002 NL).  Assuming that Jonathan Sanchez or Noah Lowry is the fifth starter, that would give a rotation of: Lincecum, Cain, Zito, Johnson, and Sanchez/Lowry. Johnson could also go 2nd in the rotation if Bochy wanted to alternate between righty/lefty.

I remember a very young Randy Johnson, who had the great arm but was erratic and wild until a chance meeting and some advice from Nolan Ryan straightened him out and made him a consistent, dominating pitcher. Here is hoping that Johnson has at least one more productive year, gets his 300th win, and can help tutor Jonathan Sanchez towards achieving his full potential. The Giants marketing team should be happy too as he’ll help move some tickets and merchandise.

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This post was written by Hank on December 27, 2008