Campaigning to be an All-Star

I hope everyone has already voted early and often for Pablo Sandoval. If not, you should go vote at least five times, and then come back to this page! Looking at how the other candidates are “campaigning”:

Christian Guzman’s campaign “Go for Guzman” features a Facebook Page and a Twitter by “Teddy Roosevelt”, the mascot of the Washington Nationals. The button design is reminiscent of a campaign button, appropriate for the nation’s capital.

For Mark Reynolds, the Diamondbacks have a simple “Vote Reynolds” on their web site and an endorsement video from Senator John McCain. Like the Giants, they have also set up computers to let fans vote at D-backs games. Their game on Tuesday featured a “Super Tuesday” promotion where a randomly selected young fan got to sit in the television broadcast booth with a computer and vote throughout the game. The D-backs are also getting the word out through their broadcasters, including an informal arrangement between the Angels and D-back announcers where Reynolds and Chone Figgins of the Angels are cross-promoted as a “ticket”.

Not surprisingly, the Dodgers are also cross-promoting with the Angels, promoting the “Vote SoCal” ticket of Matt Kemp and Figgins. Voters are automatically entered into a drawing for an autographed Kemp bobblehead doll. The Dodgers have also set up an “I Voted for Matt Kemp” Facebook group which claims to have 70,000 members.

Shane Victorino, who held the lead briefly on Wednesday and is the closest to Pablo Sandoval in the voting, is running a more low key campaign. He made a “campaign appearance” with Philly Mayor Michael Nutter and did some radio and TV spots. The Phillies have also printed t-shirts, and in a move that will win “worst pun of the first half of the season”, are plugging Victorino and Tigers 3B Brandon Inge, resulting in the slogan “Vote Bran Torino!” (a reference to the recent Clint Eastwood movie). Even if Victorino doesn’t make it, he still has an excellent chance of being named as an injury replacement for Carlos Beltran (guess who is the NL All-Star manager?)

Will it be the campaign experience of the Giants marketing team and relative tech savviness of Giants fans that sends Pablo to the All-Star Game?

Or will the much larger market of the LA area give Kemp the edge?

How about the political acumen and social media campaign in Washington DC for Guzman?

Will John McCain’s endorsement make a difference for Reynolds?

Or, will Shane Victorino live up to his name based on his recent hot streak?

We’ll find out at 1PM.

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