The Bill Buckner of his day

ESPN has an article on the 100th anniversary of Fred Merkle’s play where he forgot to touch second base, which would eventually cost the Giants the 1908 pennant and give it to the Cubs. Of course, 1908 was the last time the Cubs won the World Series.

Reading the article, I couldn’t help but think wow, and I thought Bill Buckner had it tough.  At least the fans forgave him in his appearance at an Old Timers event in 1950. If the Polo Grounds were standing today, Merkle’s ghost would probably be still there, perpetually stranded between first and second. If there’s any solace, it can be found on the diamonds of youth and beer league games everywhere, where after a walk-off hit the base coach and teammates will invariably remind the hitter and runner(s) “hey don’t forget to touch the next base!”

Read the full article(ESPN)

Keith Olbermann article (CNNSI)

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This post was written by Hank on September 23, 2008

Giants to unveil Wall of Fame

The Giants Wall of Fame, to be unveiled before the final Giants homestand of the year on September 23 at 4PM, will honor all SF Giants who played at least nine seasons for the team, or a minimum of five seasons with one All-Star selection. The Wall will consist of a bronze plaque for each player and will line AT&T park along King Street.

According to the press release, as of Opening Day of this season, 43 players qualified, and thus will serve as the charter members of the Wall of Fame. Many are expected to be on hand for the unveiling ceremony.

Pure Editor Speculation: Why nine years? Probably so that Orlando Cepeda could be included.

Read the full press release

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This post was written by Hank on September 13, 2008