Take A Giant Step And Go Lyrics

Somebody asked, so here are the actual lyrics to Take A Giant Step And Go. I remember this song fondly, as this was what they used my first year as a fan (1982).

Take a Giant step and go (KNBR 68)
Take a Giant step, a San Francisco Giant step
Catch the good time spirit of America’s pastime, San Francisco’s best time
Take a Giant step and go (San Francisco), take a Giant step and go (for the good times)
Take a Giant step and go
San Francisco Giants

(cue trumpet solo)

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This post was written by Hank on August 14, 2008

First Content Page- Past Giants Slogans

I added the first of what I hope will be many pages. It’s a page of past Giants marketing slogans. Additions/corrections are welcome.

On a related note, I am also looking for the actual mp3s of any old Giants jingles, such as the “Humm Baby” song:

Gotta say humm baby when you see these Giants

Humm baby , watch them play

Humm baby, humm baby, it’s gonna be fun

or the full Giants Hang In There song:

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Winning ain’t something you can always do

The Giants, Giants hang in there

When you’re a kid, it’s just a catchy song, but once I grew up and understood those lyrics, I was like, wow, that’s so defeatist.

So far, all I have is It’s Bye Bye Baby, the Giants Have Come To Play (really early 80s I think), and Take a Giant Step (’82-’83ish). And obviously, 1989 is just the James Brown song of the same name. Anyways, if anybody has ‘em, please drop me a line at editor (the at sign) itsbyebyebaby (dot) com. Thanks and go Giants!

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This post was written by Hank on August 11, 2008


Play Ball!

Hope this is a good sign-the day I put this up is also the day that ESPN has two feature articles on the Giants in its MLB section.

The first article, by John Shea, marks the one-year anniversary of Barry Bonds’ 756th home run and tells how very much things have changed for the Giants in the locker room and on the field in a year. One interesting fact: the Giants’ record this year (48-65) is virtually identical to their record at this point last year (48-63).

Amy Nelson’s Outside the Lines article, part of ESPN’s E-Ticket series of features, deals with a tragic car accident seven years ago that profoundedly affected Freddie Lewis and how he and his family have dealt with it. The article is a deep an insightful piece that shows much of his personal side, something we haven’t really known much about. For example, we learn that Lewis is a second cousin of former outfielder Matt Lawton, who played 12 seasons in the bigs. And we find out why Lewis does the chest tapping you might see in the field on occasion. Good article.

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This post was written by Hank on August 7, 2008

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