On the ‘89 team reunion

That was just classic when Craig Lefferts sprinted in- as he did in every relief appearance he made back in ‘89. One of my fondest Giants memories from the 80s.

Most poignant moment was when Jose Uribe’s wife and daughter appeared with Juan Uribe, and Mrs. Uribe put on the number 23 jersey.

Rick Reuschel looks like he could still pitch. I think he actually still does, on the fantasy camp circuit.

Roger Craig still has the same walk he did when going out to the mound. He just needed those black vinyl sleeves underneath his jersey.

There was an eclectic but long list of the ‘89 Giants who appeared. From utility infielder Ed Jurak, who had exactly 42 at bats with the Giants that year, to Will Clark, Robby Thompson, and of course, ‘89 NL MVP Kevin Mitchell. Roger Craig and his coaches, heck, even the trainers were invited. Here’s the complete list:

Coaching Staff: Roger Craig, Wendell Kim, Norm Sherry, Bill Fahey

Staff: Greg Lynn, Mark Letond, Mike Murphy

Infielders: Will Clark, Robby Thompson, Ernest Riles, Ed Jurak, Greg Litton

Outfielders: Pat Sheridan, Kevin Mitchell, Donnell Nixon

Pitchers: Rick Reuschel, Don Robinson, Scott Garrelts, Kelly Downs, Atlee Hammaker, Bob Knepper, Mike Krukow, Dave Dravecky, Randy McCament, Ernie Camacho

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