A quick thought on each of the Giants

With the All-Star Break, it seemed a good time to step out of the batter’s box for a moment and share a quick thought on each of the Giants.

Pablo Sandoval- He’s the second youngest Giant ever to have 15 home runs at the break. The youngest? Orlando Cepeda.

Tim Lincecum- The last Giants pitcher to start the All-Star Game: Jason Schmidt in 2003.

Matt Cain- Although he will not play, Matt Cain will enjoy the festivities in St. Louis and appear in uniform.

Jonathan Sanchez- Should the Giants “sell high” with Sanchez and trade him anyways?

Brian Wilson-too many base runners and spectacular blown saves to have merited serious All-Star contention. He’s still young though- once he develops consistency he’ll be a “game over” closer in the Dennis Eckersley mold.

Jeremy Affeldt- Unfortunately there are no All-Star team positions for “left-handed setup men”. Otherwise he’d so be an All-Star.

Juan Uribe- The Giants could do a lot worse than to just keep him at 2B. I’d rather have him than, say, Freddy Sanchez.

Nate Schierholtz- I think the Giants have their man in right field for the rest of the season, and perhaps beyond. Could definitely put up Randy Winn’s stats or better, for about $8.5 million cheaper.

Bengie Molina- We all love Bengie, but he is just not a cleanup hitter.  Put him #6 or #7.

Edgar Renteria- He looks slow out there in the field. I wonder if he’ll decline significantly in the second half. I hope not.

Travis Ishikawa- Still can’t hit a curve ball. If he can learn to lay off on those, then hey, we have J.T. Snow with a goatee!

Aaron Rowand-Remember when Roger Craig would bat Mike Aldrete or Will Clark at leadoff? His power is insufficient to be a good RBI man, but above average for a get on base guy.

Barry Zito- It took him two plus years to get “motivated” to be good? He better stay “motivated” in the second half!

Randy Winn-The Giants have too many on base guys forced into being RBI guys. Winn is one of those.

John Bowker- He’ll need to be a lot more selective to stick around. Take a page from Pablo’s book and swing at strikes!

Eli Whiteside- Remember Rick Dempsey, Orioles catcher from the ’80s? That’s who Whiteside reminds me of. Mabye it’s the grey hair.

Merkin Valdez- It’s tough staying sharp when you’re only pitching once a week.

Brandon Medders- Kind of quiet, but he’s generally getting the job done.

Bobby Howry- As long as it’s not a stressful situation, he’s fine. This year’s Tyler Walker.

Fred Lewis- Just keep your head up and get on base, Freddy- the home runs and RBIs will come naturally. You’ll just have to be patient and work your way back into the playing rotation.

Andres Torres- What a surprising spark plug. Part of a really deep Giants bench. Willie Mac Award contender.

Justin Miller- Nice job on Saturday with the 3.2 innings in relief of Matt Cain. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a spot start (he used to be a starter when he first broke into the big leagues).

Sergio Romo- Hey Brian Wilson? Don’t get too cutesy with those drama saves. Sergio can close ‘em out too.

Rich Aurilia- Enjoy the second half ride, Richie. This is likely your swan song as a player.

Kevin Frandsen- If John Bowker sucks, he’ll stay. If he doesn’t, it’s back to Fresno. I hope he’s got a good mileage plan.

Randy Johnson (DL)- Without him, the Giants are actually thinking of adding pitching. We’ll need him down the stretch. Get well soon, Randy!

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This post was written by Hank on July 14, 2009

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