What A’s Fans and Giants Fans Resent

Giants fans resent that the A’s have overall done better than the Giants. Even if you count the entire history going back to NY and Philadelphia,  the A’s have still won more World Series (9) than the Giants (5).

A’s fans resent that despite that fact, nobody really cares, and the Giants are still the “alpha” team in the area. The Bay Bridge Series is typically the few days where all the A’s fans pound their chests and point out the fact above…and then once interleague play is over, everybody goes back to paying attention to the Giants.

It’s like being the very capable, but somewhat low-key guy at work, who stands up during a meeting and says something completely reasonable and correct, and then the entire room just nods and then goes back to listening to the guy who’s flashier and more personable.

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This post was written by Hank on June 25, 2009


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