More Randy Johnson Retrospective

As we wait out the rain delay, two more articles on Randy Johnson, from

Jerry Crasnick’s Starting 9 column features nine memorable moments from Johnson’s career:

  1. His perfect game in 2004.
  2. The pitch over John Kruk’s head in the ‘93 All-Star Game.
  3. The playoff game in 1995 for the Mariners, after they had stormed back from a 13 game defecit.
  4. After throwing 7 innings in Game 6 of the 2001 World Series, he came back the next day to get the last four outs in Game 7.
  5. The “exploding bird” incident. Interestingly enough, it was against the Giants in a spring training game. The immortal Calvin Murray was the hitter.
  6. Striking out 20 Cincinnatti Reds in a 2001 game.
  7. His one career home run in 2003.
  8. The camera shoving incident when he first joined the Yankees.
  9. The really long home run McGwire hit off him in 1997. In that game, he struck out 19.

Some really funny quotes, and even a Duane Kuiper reference thrown in for good measure.

The second article, which was the main feature on ESPN’s baseball section, interviews various hitters who have faced Johnson throughout the years, and lists which hitters have fared the best and worst against him.

The best five hitters (BA, min 20 PAs):

  1. Rene Gonzalez (.500 ?!?!)
  2. Bob Melvin/Randy Velarde (.452)
  3. Jose Reyes (.450)
  4. Reed Johnson (.429)
  5. Albert Pujols (.429)

The Five Worst Hitters (BA, min 20 PA)

  1. Craig Grebeck (0 for 21)
  2. Steve Sax (1 for 26)
  3. Rafael Palmeiro (1 for 21)
  4. Eric Davis (1 for 18)
  5. Candy Maldonado (1 for 17)

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